We connect cars,
and we create new values from them.

SMARTON has strong Vehicle integration technology, Wireless technology and Bigdata computing technology. We connecting vehicles based on these technologies and are creating innovative products and services based on various insights and data.

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Our Business


The Vehicle's network connection is essential for maintenance and management of the vehicle. Automatic recording system of Driving Information is one of the key conveniences that automotive connectivity offers. We Develop, manufacture and sell devices that connect vehicles to the network via Bluetooth, LTE and HSDPA.

Vehicle Cloud

Information that generated from the vehicle, such as the Location of the car, amount of engine oil, and aging is very useful for managing the company's vehicles. It is also used as data necessary to promote sales of the company's secondary products. SMARTON provides services and tools to collect and provide Vehicle information.


The Big data, Collected from vehicles gives insight into your Vehicle-related products, or even more advanced businesses. For example, Our Engine oil product MonsterBlood. We are planning many meaningful products and services from Big data. We waiting for you to do this together

Our Key Products

Monster Gauge

Device and App that Read in-car information and display it as a smartphone. You can check the Fuel consumption, Mileage, driving time, remaining flow rate, battery charge, tire air pressure, intake exhaust airflow, etc. These can be checked in real time.

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For personal use

Automatically records the driving information of a vehicle, and provides graphs and tables. It includes functions such as parts management and diagnosis, and includes functions to manage the vehicle by voice. It can be used as an app for Auto management of vehicles.

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CarCloud VMS

For enterprise

Automatically records the location of the vehicle, mileage and etc without smart phone. This solution use LTE and HSDPA. You can see the vehicle routing path by location and date in real time. It has a vehicle management and notification function such as aging warning, and automatically check whether a customer has visited.

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Monster Blood

Based on Big data analysis of automobile information, Driving style, geography, We found an optimal combination of Engine oil additive. 100% Synthetic Engine oil MonsterBlood is Designed for the driving environment in South Korea, And we have a large number of users.

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SMARTON has Vehicle control and Authentication technology. We made Smart key products for vehicle, based on low-speed communication by magnetic field and UHF communication. We supplying technology to DIY products and OEM vehicle manufacturers.


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